Metro Parent Info about Team Store

Merchandise Policy

**September 1, 2016 Metro entered contract with Adidas.  Please pardon our progress as the website is updated with the new merchandise policy. 

Metro is sponsored by Adidas. As a member of Metro, it is important that you abide by the requirements outlined below. 


Metro will be using this site as the only place to order Metro gear.   Please use this site to order all your needs for Metro.  

Please read the following guidelines before placing your order:

  • Please allow 15 business days for each custom order to be completed (plus applicable shipping time).
  • Payment is processed within 1-2 business days from when the order is submitted.

Team Suit

The team suit is a Black and Navy suit with a Metro logo.  Swimmers will be required to purchase a new team suit every year.

Team Backpack

Product will be embroidered with the swimmer's name and Metro logo for free. 

Team Warm-up or Child Hoodie Set

Jackets are embroidered with the swimmer's name and Metro logo for free. 


Ordering Requirements

  • Order a team suit for each swimmer once per year. Upon joining the team, you need to order within 30 days.
  • Order both a backpack within 3 months of joining and warm-up (both jacket and pant) for each swimmer within 6 months. You will not be required to order these items again for 3 years. 
  • For other merchandise (such as practice suits, fins, snorkels, etc.), order Adidas when you are ready to purchase the item. Don’t continue to buy other brands, unless Adidas doesn’t offer it. For example, Adidas doesn’t offer Tempo Trainers, only Finis does. 
  • Team suits, backpacks, and warm-ups may be ordered through the Metro Store online
  • These requirements apply to all Metro swimmers across all Metro locations, even if they do not go to meets.

Meet Requirements

  • After the transition period, only Adidas gear can be worn at meets ***if sizes are available.
  • If swimmers are not in compliance, they will not be allowed to swim. This includes a team suit, backpack, and warm-up. No combination of Adidas and another brand will be allowed. Tech suits do not have to be Adidas. In addition, swim caps can only have Adidas and Metro logos.
  • Wear Adidas goggles if possible. We want every swimmer to make an effort to be all Adidas. However, if Adidas goggles do not work, you may choose another brand.